Friday, 14 December 2012 22:20

Creating a Culture of Safety

  • TeamSTEPPS®: Strategies and Tools to Enhance Performance and Patient Safety
    TeamSTEPPS® is an evidence-based teamwork system aimed at optimizing patient outcomes by improving communication and teamwork skills among health care professionals. It includes a comprehensive set of ready-to-use materials and a training curriculum to successfully integrate teamwork principles into any health care system.
  • Planting Seeds for Change in Primary Care Practice
    As primary care practices move towards a medical home model of care, changes are needed to achieve the triple aim of better health care, better health and reduced costs.  This AHRQ article discusses promising methods to support practices in this effort.
  • Creating a Positive Culture of Safety around Sharps Injury Prevention
    Occupational exposure to bloodborne pathogens results in about 385,000 needlesticks and other sharps-related injuries to hospital-based healthcare personnel each year. Similar injuries occur in other health care settings as well. The resources on this website have been developed by CDC to help healthcare facilities prevent needlesticks and other sharps-related injuries to healthcare personnel.
  • Fact Sheet: 30 Safe Practices for Better Health Care
    The National Quality Forum, with support from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), has identified 30 safe practices that evidence shows can work to reduce or prevent adverse events and medical errors in all clinical settings.

  • Improving Patient and Worker Safety
    Using actual case studies, the Joint Commission created a monograph that describes a range of topic areas and settings in which opportunities exist to improve patient safety and worker health and safety activities. This monograph is designed to bridge safety-related concepts and topics that are often siloed within the specific disciplines of patient safety/quality improvement and occupational health and safety.

  • AHRQ Resources Offer Patient Safety Education and Training Tools
    If Patient Safety Awareness Week has left you eager for more information to help you keep your patients safe, check out these three resources for the latest AHRQ research and tools:

*Patient Safety Education and Training Catalog describes 333 patient safety programs currently available in the United States. The catalog offers an easily navigable database of education and training programs including a robust collection of information tagged for easy searching and browsing.

*Patient Safety Network (PSNet) is a web-based resource featuring the latest news and essential resources on patient safety. The site offers weekly updates of patient safety literature, news, tools, meetings, and links to important research and other information on patient safety. 

*AHRQ WebM&M is a monthly journal that features user-submitted cases of medical errors, expert commentaries, and perspectives on patient safety. 

*Patient Safety Primers guide you through key concepts in patient safety. Each primer defines a topic, offers background information on its epidemiology and context, and highlights relevant content from both AHRQ PSNet and AHRQ WebM&M.  New and updated versions are added regularly.