Thursday, 13 December 2012 14:28

Success Stories

Health care providers in all settings continually work towards improving patient safety. In addition to the “numbers,” there are many other stories that lead to improvements in safer healthcare. By sharing “best practices” everyone benefits.

  • Improving Care Transitions
    This issue brief defines the current problems with care transitions, identifies key stakeholders, reviews major national care transitions models, describes Colorado's care transitions initiatives, and provides general recommendations for improved care transitions processes.

  • Patient Safety Improvement Stories
    The Minnesota Alliance for Patient Safety has several stories from both the patient and provider perspectives on how adverse events  were turned into improving practices.

  • HEN's Help Hospitals Spread What They Already Know
    Hospital Engagements Networks (HEN) are more than halfway through two years of a federally funded program to increase improvements in healthcare delivery using tools that have already been proven successful.  This article from PSQH journal talks about the program and the status.